You have to install development tools first.

It appears, at first, to be a very dignified error message, very poised in telling you what exactly needs to happen and here you are thinking, oh look, it tells me what I have to do. Don’t let that fool you, I spent the better part of a evening trying to get past the above message.

Here is my stack trace:

Long story short, I was trying to install adhearsion on my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I had never worked on ruby before so I set about installing:

  • rvm (using curl)
  • ruby (using rvm)
  • rubygems (using rvm)
  • adhearsion (using gem)

I was having trouble getting ruby_speech (an adhearsion dependency) compiled. After loads of googling and installing all sorts of packages you think will help you get past this error, I finally found the solution documented here: Can’t install ruby_speech gem, checking for pcre.h… no

All you need is this:

And you are scott free! Cheers and happy coding!

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