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Force MySQL to be case sensitive in Windows

I develop on Windows / Linux and deploy on Linux. I always run into the issue of my tables having different cases on my development and production environments causing stupid time wasting errors. If only everything in this world was nice. Hold your breath! There is a work around. I don’t know why this is […]

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Using MySQL Connector .NET 6.6.4 with Entity Framework 5

I had been waiting for the latest MySQL connector for .NET to come out so I can move on to the new and sleek Visual Studio 2012 for my projects. Found out connector 6.6.4 has been out which can work with VS2012 so I happily install it. I start a brand new project and start […]

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MySQL Workbench – Error Code: 1175

Have you ever encountered the following error while using MySQL workbench?

This is a safety feature which has been implemented to prevent bad queries from destroying your table. But we know our query is right and that it has to run. So what do we do? There are 2 ways to proceed from here: […]

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